Dining car



Lambert (same as Suydam except with floor, frame and underbody)


A. Description: Pullman Lot 6094, 6118, 6243 or 6344 (all identical) delivered by 1930; steam-ejector A/C added in the early- to mid-1930s

B. Name/number: 1400-1418; 1410 is shown on a 1932 Train 3 (westbound) consist, my 1939 consist does not show any car numbers

C. HO model: Lambert (slightly simplified Suydam shell with detailed frame and underbody details); alternative: Suydam RR-3 (no underbody details)

D. Details to be added to the model: steam-ejector A/C (Coach Yard #1015), seats and interior details, diaphragms (Am. Ltd. #9200), external details such as roof vents, ice hatch, additional underfloor parts (Walthers SD15 super details), decals (Champ “bronze gold” color); interior lighting: Voltscooter Electronics flicker-free constant brightness LEDs; Santa Fe coach green paint

E. Major references: Dining and Beverage Service Cars of the Santa Fe, McCall

Kitchen photo, no date or car description: P. 488, Train Shed Cyclopedia #8 (reprint of 1931 Car Builders Cyclopedia) — this photo is probably of the short-lived full-width kitchen in diner 1464 that prevented passengers from passing through to the next car but it does show the cooks



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