Chair car


A. Description: Chair

B. Name/number: 3066 (from range of 3060-3069 for Walthers car)

C. HO model: Walthers 932-10351

D. Details added to the model: interior lighting: Voltscooter Electronics flicker-free constant brightness LEDs; paint trucks, underside and steps in Truck Brown; install handrails and A/C details included with Walthers R-T-R car; paint roof dark gray primer; add figures

E. Major references:; Coach, Smoker & Chair Car Geneology, McCall

The 3066 car number was chosen as a nod to Route 66. It was the famous highway that, like the California Limited, went from Chicago to Los Angeles.


The Voltscooter board combines 16 LEDs and circuitry that provides flicker-free lighting. The three green capacitors store voltage from the track to keep the lights on for several minutes if needed. That’s especially realistic when running on DC and the train stops for a depot or a red signal. The lights work fine on DCC, too.




Antimacassars are the white cloths fitted to the upper part of the seats. The main purpose was to protect the seats from stains caused by mens hair oil. Another reason probably was to minimize the transmission of head lice since the pests could be easily seen and removed. The antimacassars were taken off for laundering between runs. On the model, it would have been easier to paint them before installing the figures.


This “night shot” shows how realistic the ready-to-run Walthers car looks with a few additions.


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