Pullman lounge-observation finished



To make a credible-looking train at public shows, I’ve added details to the Pullman Observation car. I’ve removed the interior walls and details from a compartment, a drawing room and two bathrooms to make space to hide an AA lithium battery. It has a slide switch controlled from under the car to light the marker lamps and California Limited tailsign. A Walthers 933-1088 interior lighting system, powered from the track, has been modified to move one of the lights from the center of the car to the observation lounge area. When running on DC power, the lights are dependent on the operating voltage but when running on DCC they’ll have a constant voltage for better appearance.

Steam ejector air conditioning parts from a chair car were added to the roof. Passenger figures enliven the interior and platform. Decals for the car name and “WATCH YOUR STEP” signs on the steps were added. Detail painting included applying metallic bronze on the rear railing — however it’s not clear if Pullman cars had that fancy touch.

See the  Pullman Observation car link for construction details.


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