Still pluggin’ along

I finally got the loco running well (scroll to the bottom of the Locomotive and Tender page to learn how. The decals on the baggage-express car didn’t look readable enough so I applied a second set on top of the first. That solved the problem. It could still use a little more clear gloss paint and polishing to minimize the decal thickness.

I’ve added a few figures to the Walthers coach and Pullman cars. They still need to have details and name/number decals added — as well as some lighting put in, too.

Next up will be replacing the various Kadee #5 and Walthers R-T-R couplers with Kadee #118 “SF” shelf head metal whisker couplers.

After adding details to the other R-T-R cars, the next new car to build will be the diner. I’ll start with the Lambert brass car. I had bought the Suydam RR-3 shell from the original production but last year I acquired a later one that has a brass frame/floor with what appears to be Central Valley trucks. After the diner, I’ll build a lounge using Lambert brass #8300. See the Dining Car and Lounge pages for details and construction progress.

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